Helene Walterskirchen: „For me culture is like a global grid on which society’s and every human being’s entire life foundation is built upon. Everything is based on a prevailing cultural structure no matter if this is family culture, peace culture, health culture, communication culture, music culture, educational culture, religious culture etc. As a non-fiction writer I see my task in taking up cultural subjects and areas and to fill them with messages which, from my point of view, are decisive for a high-quality, peace-oriented, altruistic and holistically healthy and supporting lifestyle. Therefore I have been working for many years as a culture mentor in many different cultural areas, primarily in the peace culture, the non-profit culture, the charity culture, the health culture, the life culture, the social culture and the intellectual culture. In doing so I follow my avant-garde visions and goals which often lie off the track of the prevailing mainstream.”

In the year 2004 Helene Walterskirchen founded the educational and cultural association Admacum e.V. and guides it as first chairwoman. The association promotes a variety of cultural non-profit projects. She is also the initiator of the partner association ADMACUM e.V.: „Peace culture centre Castle Rudolfshausen“ which was founded in 2011.

Helene Walterskirchen is the initiatorin of several cultural non-profit projects, such as THE PEACE BANNER, STUDENTS PAINT FOR PEACE, CLUTURE MAGAZINE CASTLE RUDOLFSHAUSEN, the international photo contest „Pictures which create peace“ as well as the PEACE ART exhibitions.