Our energy is a matter of heaven and earth

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Given my age – I am 60 + – people often ask me: “Where do you get your endless and effervescent energy from?” The answer is always the following: “From my connection with the heavenly power and from the nutrition I am daily ingesting. The one thing is a matter of heaven, i.e. the life energy, the other thing is a matter of earth, i.e. the nutrition.

The fact that I live is a matter of heaven, the fact that I love is a matter of heaven, the fact that I am so happy to be alive is a matter of heaven, the fact that I am involved in the abundance of life is a matter of heaven. I see my life as a present of heaven, as a present of God who is my “best buddy”, one I share a deep and dearly love with.

For almost 15 years I have been a vegetarian, i.e. no meat, meat products nor fish. For 6 years I have been a vegan now, on a predominantly raw basis, i.e. food which is alive and still contains all vitamins, minerals and enzymes. My nutrition consists of organic fruit (fresh or dried), fruiting vegetables, root vegetables, mushrooms, algae, seeds, nuts and food prepared with the before-mentioned raw ingredients.

To make other people familiar with my lifestyle I wrote and published the two books “Boundlessly young and full of drive” (2011) and “My paradise nutrition” (2012) in my self-publishing house Adma-Publications. “My paradise nutrition” contains many recipes of my raw vegan cuisine, among others the recipe for “vegetable burgers” on page 90.

In terms of “vegetable burgers” I experimented a lot and created many variations. Today I would like to share my recipe of the “kelp algae raw burger” currently being one of my favorites and which I like to prepare for my loved ones.

You need:

1 package of kelp algae (small or medium, depending how much you like kelp algae)
1 small to medium sized head of white cabbage (rasped, if possible in the machine)
3 to 4 medium sized carrots (rasped, if possible in the machine)
1 Spanish onion (cut into small cubes)
1 bunch of parsley
2 – 3 stalks of spring onion (cut up small)
2 big cups of pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds (grounded crudely to medium-fine)
Some leaves of lovage (cut up small)
½ to 1 small cup of tamari sauce (quantity at your option)
½ teaspoon of white pepper
If needed some salt
2 to 3 tablespoons of psyllium husks (Stir it in a small bowl with ca. 1 big cup of water and wait for a couple of minutes until a jellylike mass has formed)

Mix all above ingredients with some cold water (ca. 1 big cup). Stir or knead everything until the mass becomes a firm dough.

Now take a tablespoon and your hands (which need to be slightly moist, otherwise the dough will stick to them) and form bowls which you need to squeeze flat and put on the trays of your dehydrator.


Now put the trays into the dehydrator and dry them for several hours at max. 40 degree Celsius. Once the upper part has dried, turn the kelp algae burgers and dry them for several hours from the other side. You can eat your burgers dried slightly or properly – as you like.


(Please keep the burgers you do not eat at once in a cool place. Otherwise they tend to easily mold, especially with summerlike temperatures)

Helene Walterskirchen

You are welcome to send me your feedback on how you liked the burgers. I look forward to hearing from you.