For all people who say „Yes“ to a peace-oriented lifestyle.
Paint your picture of peace on the peace-band and take part in the co-creation of a worldwide folk artwork and contemporary document of peace!

Your peace picture, our peace picture, all peace images on the band form a collected and unique „peace of art“ in our world!




The Peace Banner – Basic data from autumn 2015:

Founded: June 2010 as a non-profit project for peace education and peace art
Founders: Helene and Alexandra Walterskirchen
Founding Site: D-82515 Wolfratshausen
Current exhibition location: Castle Rudolfshausen, D-86859 Holzhausen-Igling, Hauptstr. 22
Current length: ca. 1.3 km (1.300 meters) in individual sections
Number of paintings: ca. 2.300 by people of all ages
Current number of coutries: ca. 16
Material: Organic Cotton

Guest of Honour and Paint-Events took place at the Augsburger Peace Festival, at religious congregations, Peace Festivals, Montessori-schools, Waldorf-schools, grammar schools, boy scouts, Peace Academy of the Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation, at the International Peace Village in Dinslaken, at the peace castle in Schlaining/Austria and various other locations.

The Peace Banner is archived in the Castle of Rudolfshausen in Holzhausen (between Landsberg am Lech and Buchloe) and is publicly presented in special exhibitions from time to time.