Due to her former professional experiences in the world of lawyers Helene Walterskirchen saw that the „root of evil” for conflicts and disputes often lies in the people’s conflict-oriented attitude. She sees the cause in today’s predominant egoism of many people.“What we all need to and may re-learn is to think, feel, to decide and to act in a peace-oriented way – for the good of everything and not only for the good of ourselves!”

Helene Walterskirchen promotes a culture of peace and a peace-oriented lifestyle. In doing so she founded several peace culture projects, among them the THE PEACE BANNER in 2010, which is a 1,7 km long folk art piece and historical document of peace. Several thousands of people of all ages have painted and written on it and thus left their permament message of peace.

The Peace Banner is part of the project „Paint for Peace“, which established several peace painting contests, such as the event „Students of Augsburg paint for Peace 2016“, „Students of Landsberg paint for Peace 2017“ und „Students of Kepmten paint for Peace 2018″. The schools which participate hand in selected peace motives from students, which will then be displayed in the folk art exhibitions of PEACE ART, which was founded by Helene Walterskirchen.

In addition Helene Walterskirchen initiated the international photo competition „pictures which create peace“ which last from 1.11.2017 to 30.06.2018. People from all ages and all countries can participate in this contest be sending their photograpgh in digital format to h.walterskirchen(aet)schlossrudolfshausen.de.