Cultural flair – the magic of our life

by Helene Walterskirchen:

Cultural flair in an ancient Egyptian temple complex

Every country, every region, and the culture there radiate something or are surrounded by something respectively, called „cultural flair”. It is precisely this flair, which fascinates and enchants us humans. We want to experience it. Therefore, we travel to foreign countries or regions to have this experience. This is where the term „cultural journey“ comes from. Most people have already made a variety of cultural journeys: to Austria, Italy, Spain, England, Sweden, India, Thailand, Australia, USA etc. Also in their own country Germany, most people have already made cultural trips to other regions: the Berliners to Bavaria, the Bavarians to Berlin, the Saxons to Hamburg, the Hamburgers to Saxony etc. Every country and every region has its very own culture:

In Bavaria, for example, it is the flair of the castles of King Ludwig II, the local traditional costume and homeland festivals, it is to bring the cattle down from the mountain pastures in autumn, it is the old and new half-timbered farmhouses with their wooden balconies and lush geraniums in summer, it is the Bavarian dialect, the Bavarian cosiness, the Bavarian beer, etc.

In Italy, for example, it is the flair of the Mediterranean, the cypresses, the olive trees, the ancient ruins of Rome, the art museums in Florence, the beaches on the Riviera and Adriatic Sea, the savour of espresso and cappuccino, it is the magic of the lagoon city of Venice, the songs of Amore that melt every heart, it is the impulsiveness of the Italians, etc.

In France, for example, it is Paris with its Louvre, it is Versailles Castle with its imposing gardens, it is the French „savoir vivre“, it is the elegant French language, it is the French architectural style with its high mullioned windows, it is the castles on the Loire, it is the typical French baguette with its artisan cheese, etc.

The Bavarian cultural flair differs from the Italian and French. That is exactly what we like, even more: it fascinates and enchants us. We want to get to know it and immerse ourselves in it. We want to have a cultural experience that goes beyond our usual cultural horizon. Cultural flair makes travel a pleasure. Otherwise, it is only a change from your place of residence to a hotel complex that looks like any other hotel complex in any tourist destination in the world.

Unfortunately, for some years now there has been a trend to increasingly dismantle and dissolve the national and regional cultures of the countries of the world. For the planned ONE-WORLD-STATE, one does not want any more national and regional cultures. Everything should be uniform and standardized. Just as it is already the case today, for example, when all department stores of IKEA or Aldi throughout Europe look the same, are uniformly furnished, that Hilton or Marriott hotels all look the same, and are furnished the same, no matter which country in the world you are in.

The same architectural style, same interior design, same fashion style, same cars, same currency, same governance, same religion, same ideology, etc. – everything should be standardized in the next few years to form a unified whole, a “mishmash”. The people of the future should no longer have an individual personality, should have no reference to their cultural history, should no longer have an individual culture, and should no longer practice it. This also affects the culture of faith, because in the future there should be only one world religion, in which the existing religions have merged. A huge world-unity-religious-center is already being built in the Arabic/Islamic city of Dubai, in which Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are quasi united „under one roof“.

People who love and enjoy culture are confronted with the fact that our world and our country are becoming increasingly culturally poorer. Cultural institutions such as the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation in Berlin are being dissolved, cultural monuments are being destroyed, be they buildings or monuments, street names of cultural personalities are being renamed. One no longer needs a national or regional culture, but strives for a world-unified-culture in which all people of the world receive the same cultural education, the same cultural knowledge, and the same cultural identification.

Then we no longer have Bavarian, Italian, French, English, Egyptian, Indian, or Australian culture, but only one world culture. We then no longer have a cultural attitude and cultural identification, but a sense of unity; we all think the same and all have the same opinion. There are no longer any poor people and no longer any rich people, there are no longer any aristocrats and no ordinary citizens, and there are no longer any blacks, yellows or whites, but only hybrids. Yes, then we all made it: we are free of social and societal hierarchies and structures and it no longer takes wars to enforce our rights. Because then there are only the laws of the one world government for the one world population. Everyone has the same property, namely none. Everyone earns the same money and does not have to be envious of the others. Everybody has the same life framework as everyone else and does not have to live in competition with others. Moreover, since there is only one opinion, there are only standardized views. All are one! Isn’t that nice?

No! How monotonous the world would be! Only gray, gray everywhere. No more variety! No more attraction of the other, of the foreign one you want to get to know and explore. There would be nothing more to get to know, nothing more to explore. You no longer need to travel: it is the same everywhere. You will then search in vain for cultural flair. In such a culturally uniform world, you will culturally wither away and starve to death. Culture in its diversity is food for our personality, our soul, our psyche, and our entire being. Culture must be and must remain what is called colourful, diverse, varied, interesting, and lively. Culture is there to enchant us with its flair. How fulfilled are you after visiting a cultural event, a cultural monument, a cultural institution or in the midst of people who express culture and live it! We are a world that unites thousands of different cultures. Let us protect and preserve our diverse and magical cultural world!

Cultural flair: Monastery complex on Samos

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